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Identify specific contracting targets for the next 12 months:

  • Accelerate the conversion of procurement opportunities
  • Build Capacity to Accelerate from Sub to Prime
  • Develop expertise in conducting strategic analysis in contracting opportunities
  • Create a structured approach for each opportunity and identify strategic priority to be undertaken in the next 12 months to build profitability.
  • Secure the necessary financing and bonding to grow

SBDC at University of Maryland is the only state-wide program that provides world class executive coaching exclusively to CEOs of independently owned businesses.

Russ Teter is a Certified Business Value Builder (CVB), Certified TechVenture Facilitator and Director of Training for SBDC at University of Maryland, He is also a U.S SBA Small Business Person of the Year Award Winner (MD)

Location: 6801 Kenilworth Avenue, Suite 110 Riverdale, MD 20707

Phone: 240-593-2042


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