Happy Hispanic Heritage Month
September 15 – October 15!

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What is Happening

By 2060, Hispanics will be the majority. Hispanics are opening businesses at 15 times the national average. Today, Latinos comprise a large portion of the workforce on your job sites. Latino subs are often part of your team. Yet, many Hispanic entrepreneurs, although innovative and hard-working, are unfamiliar with our construction laws, procurement practices, surety bonding and other financial commitments. This lack of knowledge is increasing your risk and preventing their growth, and in turn YOUR growth. Creating an environment that strategically supports, educates and empowers Hispanic Commercial Contractors, benefits MANY!

Who do we work with?

We work with a vast amount of groups from general contractor to subcontractors.

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AHCC is a strong voice for Hispanic commercial contractors… I appreciate AHCC’s continued commitment to the Small Business cause.  I am proud to be a member!
– Luis Gutierrez, Dream Management, Inc.

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